With the desire to create skincare products suitable for Vietnamese skin, actress Thu Trang cherished and founded the cosmetic brand, C13 Cosmetics. The logo image is stylized from her own face as an affirmation of dedication, prestige, and quality. The tagline of C13 Cosmetics is “Love Yourself More,” which means we hope women will love themselves more. Because only when we love ourselves enough can we be loved in return.

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With a special love for Vietnamese skin and a passion for personal skincare, Sister 13 – Actress Thu Trang – has worked for 20 years in C13 Beauty Joint Stock Company, with whom we have been collaborating.

We collaborate, brainstorm, and experiment with partners in the Korean beauty industry.

We want to create a line of skincare products with superior technology that are safe, convenient, and completely suitable for Vietnamese skin.

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Feedback Customers

“Bright as a phoenix” is the compliment that singer Si Thanh gave to C13 Cosmetics’ FlowerSkin set.

Diệp Bảo Ngọc was completely won over by C13 Cosmetics’ Flower Skin set.

Sam – the beautiful girl who trusts the beauty products from Chị 13’s cosmetic brand.

 Actor Truong The Vinh is impressed by the quality of C13 Cosmetics’ products.

Actor Huu Tien – one of the first customers to own the Flower Skin set from C13 Cosmetics.

The Lotus Whitening Body is trusted by actress Ngoc Lan 

Comedian Dieu Nhi humorously checks in with C13 Cosmetics’ product.

Puka uses many product lines from C13 Cosmetics 

C13 Cosmetics is proud to be trusted by actor Dinh Khang.

Actor Lam Vy Da stands out at the launch event of C13 Cosmetics’ Flower Skin set.

Beauty queen My Nhan visits and shops at C13 Cosmetics store. 

C13 Cosmetics is proud to be trusted by actress Jun Vu. 

Diễn viên Trương Thế Vinh trầm trồ trước chất lượng sản phẩm của C13 Cosmetics

Diễn Viên Lâm Vỹ Dạ nổi bật tại sự kiện ra mắt bộ sản phẩm Flower Skin C13 Cosmetics 

Puka tin dùng nhiều dòng sản phẩm đến từ C13 Cosmetics

Mặt Nạ Dừa Tinh Chất Rau Diếp Cá là một trong những sự lựa chọn của nam diễn viên Mạc Văn Khoa

C13 Cosmetics tự hào được tin dùng bởi diễn viên Đình Khang 

Mặt mộc xinh đẹp của chị diễn viên Thúy Ngân cùng sản phẩm C13 Cosmetics

Lotus Body Whitening được tin dùng bởi nữ diễn viên Ngọc Lan